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5 High Paying Stay-at-Home Jobs

5 High Paying Stay-at-Home Jobs

In today’s tough job market, even those who are highly skilled are struggling to find positions simply to make ends meet. Yet, due in large part to the Internet, a new trend has been emerging over the past several years that has opened the door to a great many opportunities for individuals to both earn an income and have flexibility with their time while working from home.

Even some of the more traditional “cubicle dwellers” have moved into home offices in order to earn their livings – and they are making very good incomes while doing so. Before applying for a stay-at-home job, make sure it is not another scam. Some of the top paying and legitimate stay-at-home jobs that can be conveniently done working from home include the following five:

Financial Planners / Advisors

Although many years ago it was common to see financial advisors seated in a bullpen-like setting with phones ringing and computers flashing, today many of these professionals work from the comfort of their own homes – and are being paid quite nicely in the process.

Working from home can also allow financial advisors to work with much less interruption throughout their day – essentially giving them the time that they need to put together plans for clients’ financial futures. Pay in this field can easily exceed $100,000 per year.

Computer Support Specialists

Based on information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Outlook, the job outlook for computer support specialists is anticipated to exceed all other occupations in the near term. This is an ideal model for working from home – or from anywhere, for that matter – as long as there is a computer and internet access.

Typically, qualified individuals in this field need only a bachelor’s degree to get started – and in some cases, even without a college degree, companies will provide all of the proper training. Higher paid specialists in this field can earn in excess of $70,000 per year.

Freelance Writer / Editor

Freelance writers can also earn a nice living from home – and these don’t just include the folks who are working on the next Great American Novel. Many large magazines and newspapers have brought on more freelance talent lately in lieu of paying full-time salaries and cutting back on expensive overhead.

In addition, web content is very much in demand today, leading to massive opportunities for home based writers. Some of the higher earners in this particular category make in excess of $80,000 per year.

Public Relations (PR) / Media Professionals

Public relations, or PR, professionals can also earn top dollar by working from home. These individuals assist companies and organizations with implementing and measuring their public exposure and well as their public perception campaigns.

Some of the duties of their jobs can include creating public awareness initiatives, speech writing, and handling requests of the media and reporters. In addition to offering the opportunity to earn a healthy six figures per year, jobs in this particular field are estimated to grow by more than 20 percent over the next four years.

Accountants / CPAs

For those who love to crunch numbers, a being a home based accountant could provide the perfect career opportunity – and it can be done without even having to earn a CPA (certified public accountant) certification.

Accountants perform a number of different job functions, such as prepping corporate taxes and running companies’ payroll figures. With average pay of between $45,000 and $80,000 per year, some of the higher paid individuals in this area can earn more than $100,000. Operating this business from home can also alleviate a great deal of overhead costs, as the typical requirements are really only a computer, a printer, and some specific types of software.

The Bottom Line on Stay-at-Home Jobs

With more companies laying off employees in order to reduce costs, there will likely be more opportunities for home based work in the future. In addition to offering flexibility and convenience, working from home can also provide you with some nice tax incentives as well, such as a deduction on your rent or mortgage for the percentage of space in your home that is used as a work area.

When it is all added together, the combination of convenience, flexible hours, reduced transportation costs, lower overhead, and higher pay – it seems that working from home could offer the best of all working worlds.