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5 Resume Tips for Landing the Job of Your Dreams

5 Resume Tips for Landing the Job of Your Dreams

Over the past several years, the economic downturn has made finding high paying jobs difficult – if not impossible – for many job seekers. Today, a large number of companies are continuing to feel the strain of the recent recession, being forced to lay off even more workers, at least until things turn back around.

Yet, although the economy may still feel like “doom and gloom” in some areas, the truth is that you can still move forward in obtaining the job of your dreams. It just may require taking a few additional steps to making your resume stand out from the rest.

Today, sending your resume to companies is quite a bit different than it was several years ago. First, because of the mass convenience of the Internet, most companies – even small businesses – require that you send in your resume online.

Yet, while this may save you a great deal of time – and save money on postage – it also means that your resume will likely be sorted out by a computer rather than a human. Therefore, it is important that you write for the search engines as well as for a potential new boss.

Here are five important resume tips that can help you to get your name and qualifications in front of the right people at the right time:

Include Specific Keywords

In getting your resume to stand out from the rest – especially as it pertains to specific job opportunities – it is important to include specific keywords that are sprinkled throughout your resume document. These words should ideally encompass the same keywords that appear in the job description.

Doing so may require you to write a more customized resume for each job opening that you are applying for. And, while this may take additional time and effort, it will be well worth it when you land an interview.

Promote a Specific Resume Objective

Similar to with using keywords, it is equally important to tailor the objective on your resume in order to match specific opportunities you are applying for. This is especially the case when you are applying for a job that seems to be a perfect match for your experience and qualifications.

This, too, may require that you develop a custom resume for each job application – but it will be time well spent if it gets your resume recognized and chosen over potentially hundreds or thousands of other applicants.

Select the Appropriate Format

By selecting an appropriate format, your resume will also stand out from the others. This is particularly true if you select a format and a style that best shows off your past achievements and strengths.

With this in mind, be sure to review various resume samples and templates. You should also research and find out if there is a particular style that is more appropriate for certain industries. For example, the format and style that is used for someone applying for an engineering position will likely be quite different from that of someone who is applying as a creative artist.

Prioritize the Content

Once you have chosen the best format and style, you should also prioritize the content that you will be placing on your resume. The way that you do so will depend on what exactly you are trying to project.

As an example, you may choose to go with a more chronological format where all of your experience and achievements are listed with the most recent at the top and the rest falling below.

Alternatively, you may opt for more of a targeted resume. This will keep the focus on the specific job opportunity you are applying for, and it is written to highlight the experience and skills that are the most relevant to that position. In this case, it is far more important to focus your resume’s content on the results that you’ve achieved rather than on the duties that you performed.

Consult with a Professional Resume Writer

While some people may be great wordsmiths, there are others who may not see writing as their forte. In these instances, it may be wise to consult with a professional resume writer who can quickly and easily craft your resume to perfection.

Although you will need to compensate this professional for their time and effort, having someone who is already focused and experienced in the written word can save you loads of time and effort, allowing you to key in more intently on the other duties that are associated with your job search.