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5 Successful Green Living Tips for an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

5 Successful Green Living Tips for an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

In today’s more eco-conscious world, more people are learning how they can help to preserve the environment without dramatically altering their current lifestyle – or their wallet. In fact, in some ways, not only can going green save you money, but it can offer the opportunity for a much healthier lifestyle as well.

Here are some of the ways that you can start – or improve – your green living journey:

Tips for Your Home

When it comes to turning your home into a greener place to live, switching to green power can typically be accomplished by contacting your local power company to see if they offer renewable energy options. Today, most companies do. Other options may include switching to a tank-less hot water heater, geothermal energy, or installing solar panels on your home to replace or minimize the use of electric power.

You can also eliminate the use of “phantom power” by unplugging your cell phone charger, e-reader, or other mobile device. Power strips can be used for turning off all of your household appliances – including televisions, DVD players, and stereos – at night or when not in use.

Other ways to keep an environmentally conscious eye on your home is to ensure that you are recycling whenever possible. This means not just the recycling of newspapers and glass bottles, but also finding out where and how you can properly recycle items such as batteries, old electronics, and even light bulbs.

The way in which we run our daily activities can also contribute to going green. For instance, taking shorter showers can both save water and save money. Likewise, washing clothes in cold water can reduce a great deal of energy over time – and, using a drying rack instead of heating up the dryer can also save energy by leaving the electric or gas dryer off.

Eating Healthier By Going Green

Attaining – and maintaining – a successful green lifestyle should also involve healthier eating habits. This can start with where your food is purchased. For example, going to local farmers markets can allow you to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables – while also supporting the local small business community.

If you do find yourself in a large chain grocer, be sure to get an idea of how the products you are purchasing were made and /or raised. In addition, consider the packaging on the products – and give precedence to those that are packed in more eco-friendly ways.

Regardless of where you purchase your food items, it is also important to be mindful of bringing along reusable bags (as versus using the paper or plastic that is supplied by the merchant), as well as considering whether the products that you are purchasing will require a lot of energy to store and prepare.

Keeping Your Transport Green

When thinking about “green transportation,” we oftentimes refer to reducing driving in general. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Global warming emissions from the transportation sector can be reduced by using alternate types of vehicles that are powered through use of electricity or low carbon fuels.

Certainly, other ways that individuals can move towards green living without purchasing a new vehicle include making use of public transportation more often, carpooling with co-workers to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, or riding a bicycle/walking to work if it is within a reasonable distance.

Green in Business Can Mean a Healthier Bottom Line

If you own a business, green living habits should also spill over into this area of your life as well. This can help your company to reduce waste and to save money on utility bills – and to possibly even qualify for various tax credits. It can also be a catalyst in keeping you and your employees healthy.

Going green can essentially help your business’s overall reputation as being an environmentally friendly company, too. This can help you to gain customers who support and appreciate your eco conscious efforts.

Even Your Pets Can Contribute

Those who are pet owners can even show their furry friends how to maintain more of a green living standard. Recycled pet beds and collars are becoming more popular – as are other items such as biodegradable “pooper scoopers” that can help in reducing landfill waste.

There are also many pet foods and treats on the market today that are made with all natural ingredients. Buying these products will not only help support environmentally friendly companies that manufacture them, but will likely also be a better alternative for keeping your pet healthy and happy over time.


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  1. These are some great green living tips that anyone can easily incorporate into their lives. I like to grow my own fruit, veg and herbs as well as sourcing them from local farmers markets. Growing your own food is a great way to turn your whole body green; not just your fingers.