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5 Sure Fire Methods for How to Save Money on Groceries

5 Sure Fire Methods for How to Save Money on Groceries

In today’s tough economy, every penny counts. This can especially be the case when shopping for items that are regularly needed such as groceries. Individuals and families can only cut back so much when it comes to food. So, it’s more important than ever to know how to save on grocery costs when moving through your grocer’s aisles. These five tips can help you to slash your food costs, without the need to cut back on quality or taste.

Shop with a Specific Grocery List

Although it might sound old fashioned, making a list before heading to the grocery store – and then sticking to it – is one of the all-time best ways to save money on your food shopping trips. There are numerous reasons for this – the key one being that a list will help to keep you focused only on items that you really need, therefore bypassing impulse purchases that can add quite a bit of cost to your grocery bill.

Look for Sales and Promotions

Certainly, another great way to save money at the grocery store is to look for sales. Most grocers, both large and small, will typically put out a weekly ad showing a large number of items that are on sale over the next several days.

Stores will also run various promotions such as “Buy One, Get One Free.” This can be a great opportunity to stock up on items that you regularly use or to purchase extra for the holidays or other upcoming events.

In many instances, larger food store chains will also have their own in-store or plain label brand. These items, while oftentimes the same as – or at least very similar to – name brand goods, will typically have a price tag that is quite a bit less than competing name brand items. And, although there may be many stringent brand-loyal consumers out there, the truth is that in many cases, the taste and quality are extremely similar. This is especially true when dealing in commodities such as flour and sugar.

Clip Coupons

Sure Fire Methods for How to Save Money on Groceries

Using coupons is another great way to save money on groceries. By searching the newspaper, magazines, and even the Internet, money off on just about any type of product can easily be found.

While some may see clipping coupons as time consuming and not really worth all the effort, the truth is that you can really save a great deal of money of groceries over time by doing so. For example, if you are able to save just $20 per week on your overall food bill, after one year – or 52 weeks – you will have saved over $1,000. That’s a feat that is definitely worth the time.

Use Your Cell Phone

Today, most people are rarely more than just a few inches from their smart phone at any given time. And, with the rise of the smart phone has also come an amazing tool through which to save a great deal of money.

When using your phone’s barcode reader, you can oftentimes locate the same or similar items elsewhere at a lower price. With many retailers – including grocers – opting to match or beat competitors’ pricing in order to close more sales, it is usually well worth it to inquire about obtaining food items at a such a price.

You should also try asking sales associates if you are allowed to receive discounts through texting. Today, there are a growing number of retailers that will provide you with a number to text that will ultimately result in receiving immediate promotional codes for instant in-store discounts and other types of savings.

Separate Needs from Wants

Separating needs from wants may be one of the most difficult ways to go about cutting your grocery costs – but you will be thankful that you did for many reasons. In this particular case, while the box of cookies may be much more appealing than the bag of baby carrots, the healthier option can oftentimes also be the better bet for your wallet as well. Here, you will want to remember to keep your wallet fat thanks to a thinner bill at the cash register.

The Bottom Line

Cutting your grocery costs can be a difficult task at first – especially for those who are used to shopping without a plan. Yet, once you have begun to see the savings add up, it will become easier – and likely more fun – to watch your savings grow thanks to lowering your regular food related costs.