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Distributing Motor Insurance in Affordable Fashion

Distributing Motor Insurance in Affordable Fashion

There is plenty more to delivering your morning newspaper than you’ll ever see on the surface of a courier which does, of course, include the courier insurance policy they keep on themselves and their business. Specifically designed for the needs of contracted mail carriers, newspaper delivery personnel and the likes, motor trade insurance exemplifies the safety of both the business interests and the person whom is navigating down the rural roads to bring you the daily wire. The needs for courier insurance don’t stop at the individual carrier as the big giants, such as UPS and FedEx, must carrier a specific form of motor trade insurance in order to insure your fragile packages while in transit from afar.

Since most individual car insurance policies will exclude your vehicle if you use the car to deliver product, it becomes mandatory to upgrade your insurance should you become a subcontractor for a newspaper or package company. What tends to make the courier insurance slightly higher than normal car insurance is the fact you’ll be insuring pre-paid products from newspapers to large envelopes or even packages with fragile product. There is little reason to fret, however; courier insurance still remains lower than insurance for passenger delivery and even cheaper yet if you simply use your own vehicle for promulgating daily deliveries.

Great Courier Insurance Companies

Surprisingly, the most popular insurance companies are not expedient for courier purposes; some hidden gems exist that motor trades can rely on for better customer service, fast claims handling, and lower rates than your Allstate or Prudential companies offer. We’ve carefully put some of the not-so-known yet best courier insurance companies under the microscope to give you a brief synopsis of their company, offerings, and A.M Best ratings.

United Auto Insurance

United Auto Insurance Company, UAIC, is a premier Florida insurance firm that incorporated in Northern Miami in 1989 which currently services the courier insurance needs in twelve states.  They currently hold an A-rating through A.M. Best and offer both personal auto insurance and motor trades insurance on a commercial level, although couriers are considered commercial as defined by many insurance companies. United Auto Insurance is one of the best smaller companies in Florida and, if you live in one of their twelve states of coverage, you’ll enjoy excellent customer service and quick claims resolution.

E-Quote Direct

Located in the United Kingdom, this comprehensive motor trade insurance company will give you free quotes and tailor-make a courier insurance policy to fit your tight budget. Since they are exclusive to any insurance grades or ratings, we can simply tell you that E-Quote Direct is the European version of United Auto Insurance in terms of excellent service and claims support for motor trades.

Progressive Commercial Courier Insurance

This Fortune 200 Company delivers the essential motor trade insurance that small or large companies seek backed by a name that goes well beyond the infamous ‘Flo’ commercial gigs. An A+ A.M. Best provider with billions in assets, you can count on Progressive courier insurance to give quick claims attention, customer service at all hours day or night, and give your business a boost with savings benefits otherwise not found in other major companies.

How Courier Insurance Could Save You

More than just your life, courier insurance from such companies as United Auto Insurance can save your pocketbook quite a bit in paying out for liabilities caused by accidental collisions, injuries to others and to self. Since you are considered a business by contracting through a newspaper organization, your out-of-pocket costs could be astounding if you lack insurance and, in some states, it could be illegal to deliver papers or other goods in a personal vehicle without motor trade insurance.

The previous paragraph was not intended to throw fear into you as there are many superb essentials that come with motor trade insurance; for example, you have the opportunity to get the same great safe driver discounts and accident-free yearly deductions as you would with your personal insurance policy. Courier insurance comes with large bodily injury limits, will cover more of the medical treatment needs of both injured parties, and will give you a nicer replacement vehicle should your conveyance be rendered inoperable. Simply put, there are too many reasons not to carry courier insurance for your growing motor trade.

With nearly limitless options for purchasing courier insurance with the many companies worldwide, you’ll never run out of side-by-side comparison shopping options when seeking motor trade insurance. Delivering the most essential motor trade insurance alternatives to your decision-making process should be a snap by simply searching and reading information relevant to courier insurance such as this one. Saving you money on your business insurance needs is the goal of many companies like United Auto Insurance yet finding them could be tricky if you have no idea what you’re looking for.


To summarize our discussion conducive to courier insurance, we’ll leave you with this thought: should your business revolve around the delivery of goods such as periodicals, packages or even phone books, you cannot afford the damages potentially faceable if you drive without motor trade insurance. With several great company options that offer low rates and high medical coverage amounts, you’ll save more money in the long run by carrying courier insurance as opposed to not having this cover at all.