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Frugal Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Frugal Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

For those living a frugal life on a strict budget one unexpected gift may be all it takes for them to blow their budget, and even for those who are not on such a strict budget gifts can be expensive. It can be a challenge to find gifts that show that you care, and allowing you to save money without appearing cheap.

The key to giving a nice, low cost gift is to make sure it is something that the receiver would like, and is personable. This can be something handmade, or something small but thoughtful. Here are a few suggestions for different occasions.

Wedding Gift Ideas

A Bottle of Wine – A bottle of wine does not have to be expensive to look nice. Pick one that has a nice looking bottle or talk to the store clerk about what wine would be a match for the special occasion.

Picture Frames with Photo – A cute picture frame with a photo of the couple on a special occasion during their relationship is a nice gift. It is personal and frugal.

His and Her Gifts – There is a plethora of His and Her gifts on the market, so you will want to be sure that yours is something cute and original. His and Her towels are a bit cliché but stylish looking his and her coffee cups can be a nice gift, especially if you include a small supply of gourmet coffee beans.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Homemade – A nice homemade gift is often a thoughtful and caring treat for the receiver. You could make a favorite meal, or a comfy knitted sweater.

Something Personal – They are your friends and family, so surely you can think of something they like, or enjoy doing. Buy a gift that compliments their interest. Maybe a nice tea pot for the tea fanatic, or fancy bookends for the book lover.

Antiques – You can often find nice looking used or antique items for less than the item will cost brand new. An antique gift is nice because it has more history and character then something just pulled off the store shelf.

Mother’s Day And Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Childhood Memories – A memento of your childhood is always a sweet gift for a parent. This could be a framed photo of the family vacation or a special occasion.

A Family Portrait – If you can get the whole family together a nice studio portrait is a nice gift for any parent. They will be able to hang their family picture on the wall and show off their kids and grand kids to all their visitors.

Your Time – As children get older they often have less time to spend with their parents, so a nice gift is always to just take some time to spend with them. Take the parent out to a nice brunch with the family, and then to an activity or a show that they will enjoy.

Flowers – Never underestimate the value of a nice bouquet of flowers or potted plant for your mom. Or if she enjoys gardening, buy her some nice looking plants for her garden.

Baby Showers

Clothing – Just a few clothing items will often be enough, but if you want to really show you care pick out a few outfits for the baby to grow into, from newborn till one.

Baby Supplies – Items like diapers and wipes may not seem like much of a gift, but the new parents are soon going to be wishing that they had more of them. You can purchase a small supply of them, and give the parents one less thing to worry about.

Personalized Onesies – You can purchase packages of onesies relatively cheaply and then when there is a baby, embroider the babies name or initials on the front.

Living on a tight budget can be challenging, especially when you have to factor gift purchases into the equation. These are just a few examples of how you can give the gift of giving without breaking your bank account. Remember, gifts are not just about the present itself, but more importantly the thought behind the gift. Your loved one will be much happier knowing that you care enough to be creative with their gift, especially if they know you’re on a budget.