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I Hate My Job…Now What?

I Hate My Job…Now What?

Although the post-recessionary economy may not offer a plethora of new job opportunities, it is still possible to dislike – and yes, even to hate – your current job. And, while it may be easy for others to tell you to be thankful that you have a job today, it still doesn’t remove that sick and sinking feeling you get when the alarm goes off each morning.

Abandoning Ship

If your current job really has you down, it may be time to consider changing employers. Unhappiness in the workplace can lead to other negative factors – including trouble in relationships, financial issues, and a general sense of overall depression.

The job search procedure has changed a great deal over the years. Gone are the days when you saw a Help Wanted sign in a store window and were offered immediate employment just by walking in. Now, it has become necessary to have a job search plan, as well as to network with potential employers both on and off line.

Just some of the ways that you can initiate a new job search can include:

I hate my job...Now what?Connecting with contacts. For anyone to hire you, it is essential that you first let them know you are seeking a new job. One of the best ways to get the word out to potential contacts is to create a profile on online networking websites such as LinkedIn – and then use them. Here, it is a good idea to connect with everyone you know, because you never know which of your contacts may be able to help.

I hate my job...Now what?Build your personal “brand”. Having a strong personal brand will help in portraying you in a more professional light. This means that you should have a specific focus and niche in terms of the kind of employment you are seeking. While doing so may rule out some jobs, it will actually help you to focus and bring you closer to a job that best fits your experience and wants.

I hate my job...Now what?Don’t rely solely on your resume. Although a strong resume will help you get to the door of a potential new employer, it is the confidence that you project and the story that you tell that will actually move you closer to getting an employment offer. This includes not just answering questions of the interviewer, but also asking questions to show your genuine interest in your potential new employer.

Remember, that it’s always easier to get a job when you are already employed. So, don’t jump ship too early on your present situation. Wait until you have an actual job offer and start date with a new employer before giving your resignation notice.

“Love the One You’re With”

If you can’t seem to land a new opportunity that will be more likeable, there are ways to help you in coping with – and possibly even learning to love – your current position with your present employer.

I hate my job...Now what?Remember that it’s not forever. When you’re in an unhappy situation, it’s easy to start believing that things will never change. But that just isn’t the case. Statistically, over time, most people can expect to have five careers throughout their lifetime – and this number is continuing to increase. In fact, changing jobs in today’s world is quite common. So, stick it out, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I hate my job...Now what?Make it more fun. There are ways that you can make your current employment situation a bit more fun, too. For example, listen to music (if allowed), or take a vigorous walk on your lunch break. Doing so can also help to give you an overall sense of motivation.

I hate my job...Now what?Have a good sense of humor. There’s an old saying that states, “Laughter is the best medicine”. By having a good sense of humor, you can greatly enhance your ability to cope with just about any situation. Therefore, try to work humor into your day whenever possible. This can include during off hours as well, such a watching a sitcom over a drama or listening to a comedy gig over a talk show on the radio while driving to and from work.

I hate my job...Now what?Focus on being a better overall employee. Even though you may despise your current employment situation, by focusing on being a better worker overall, you will be able to enhance your skills – which looks good on a resume for future jobs. With this in mind, take advantage of training programs and other educational opportunities that your current employer may offer. You never know – in doing so, you could even be offered a promotion to a new position that you love!