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Money And Chores: Two Relationship Killers?

Money And Chores: Two Relationship Killers?

Money and Chores – Are these two really the relationship killers? Coming in near the top spot comes the greatest single argument causer in the history of mankind: money.  This useless paper instrument that is supposed to be backed by our gold reserve has given more headaches, caused more deaths and even been a major contributing factor in many break-ups across the world.  When it comes to matters of money, you can make things really easy for yourself and your woman, or you can simply let her charge up your credit cards, wipe out your debit card and still manage to get the water shut off at the end of the day.

Whereas many women do actually handle their finances quite responsibly, there is an equivocally large population of women that seem to think that being with a man means ownership to his money and, to these ladies, we’re pointing the finger right at you.  For tips on how to tackle the woman’s affinity for indebting us, read on.

It’s Your Paycheck – NOT.

You work hard for forty hours or more a week to make sure the kids have clothes, the food is stocked in the fridge and the bills are paid; if you simply do not have time to pay the bills due to a long and busy schedule throughout the week, then you need to sit the non-working woman down and let her know exactly what the budget situation is: allot so much for weekly groceries, so much for emergencies and so forth.  Take advantage of these conversation starters with your financially challenged partner and let her know exactly what the bills are supposed to be like in terms of approximate monthly amounts; this money will go into a separate account for bills.

You will keep control of the main account if you know what’s best for you; simply feed funds into the bill account as needed and you’ll not have to worry about your stay-at-home woman writing checks that bounce or taking off with the debit card to go tanning. As time goes on, when she has proven herself to be a worthy woman, then you can loosen the reigns a little bit and allow some freedoms in spending.  Keeping a tight grip on finances in the beginning will alleviate arguments that occur relevant to money-hungriness.

Keeping Separate Accounts

If you have the distinction of having a working woman in the house and it’s outside of wedlock up to this point, you should instruct her to keep her account and you’ll keep yours until the trust has been worked out. You should definitely keep control of the bills to make sure they are paid until you see how she acts with money and other responsibilities; should you need help, simply have her deposit money onto your hand and you can take things from there.

As you notice her spending habits, you can then entrust her to pay whatever share of bills you have decided she should help you with; just take caution initially so you’ll have the thought of knowing how she will do with it all. Don’t let things get too far out of your reach until that trust wall is broke down; you may wake up one morning to take a shower to find out that your water is shut off because she conveniently forgot to pay the water bill.

Money Shakes Marriage Households

Money simply rocks so many marriages and relationships to not be this cautious. You’ll be the best judge as to when you can loosen the grip on finances but until, and only until, the proof of the woman’s ability to make good with finances is shown, you don’t need to infuse too much of your money into the hands of a strange woman. And even when you do decide to take a leap of faith and let the woman handle the money situation, it would behoove you to take special precautions in making sure that your investment is secure by monitoring accounts through online banking or android / iPhone application that will allow you to peek into your accounts from work or in transit to and from work.

Always sign up for alerts, too; safety with your money is important, especially when the woman has a spending problem.


There should never be an argument as to who does the chores if you have the woman at home without a job or any sense of direction at the moment.  Do not tolerate working 40-50 hours a week in a sweat shop or even an office and having to come home to a nasty house while she sits on her duff and watches Oprah; if she has nothing else productive to do during this time in her life, there is no reason why the chores aren’t done satisfactorily each and every day.

Dinner should be made when the designated time to eat arrives; it is okay to take control of the outside areas because you would rather make sure the lawn is mowed correctly or the weeds get pulled from the areas where they are growing. When it comes to the simple tasks on the inside of the house, there is no reason why you should come home and do the stuff yourself when you are supporting a woman that isn’t doing jack with her time.

In Close: 50/50 Is Key

Have these much needed conversations with her ahead of time so she knows her exact position at the home front, and what is to be expected out of her every day.  If she fails to comply, you’ll be the poor schmuck that gets bullied by your own woman while you are busting your ass to bring home some bread for her. Take control of the situation now before it becomes a deep rooted issue later.