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15 Ways to Save Money Every Month

September 1, 2023
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1. Make a Budget

Savings starts with an understanding of where your money is going. Take an honest look at your current expenses. Track your spending over the course of a few months to see where your money is going. Once you have a good understanding of your spending habits, make a budget and stick to it.

2. Avoid Luxuries

When trying to save money, prioritize needs over wants. Take a closer look at any luxury items on your list of regular expenses, and cut out those that aren’t essential. This could include cable packages, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, dining out, or shopping splurges.

3. Consider Home & Auto Insurance Discounts

If you own a home and/or car, make sure to look into discounts for both. You may be able to get a lower rate by bundling both insurance policies or by shopping around for a lower rate. Also, be sure to ask your provider about any discounts for which you may be eligible.

4. Automate Your Savings

An easy way to ensure you’re saving every month is to set up automatic transfers directly from your checking account to a savings account each month. This will help you stay consistent with your savings efforts.

5. Shop for Groceries with a List

Meal planning and grocery shopping with a list can keep you from making impulse buys or picking up unnecessary items. This is a great way to avoid overspending on food every month.

6. Buy in Bulk

Purchasing non-perishable items in bulk can be a great way to save money. And you can also search for coupons, discounts, and sales to reduce the cost further.

7. Cut Down on Energy Consumption

Reducing your energy consumption can help to reduce your monthly bills. Simple changes like utilizing LED lightbulbs, taking shorter showers, and unplugging unused electronics can go a long way.

8. Buy Used

Buying used items for your home can be a great way to save money. You can find gently used furniture, appliances, clothing, and more at second-hand stores or online.

9. Negotiate Your Bills

You may be able to negotiate a lower rate on things like your car insurance or cable bill. Call your provider and ask if they have any discounts available or if they can lower your rate for being a loyal customer.

10. Take on a Side Hustle

Earning extra money by taking on a side hustle can help to boost your savings. Consider becoming a ride-share driver, picking up independent contractor work, or renting out a room in your house to make some extra money each month.

11. Make Your Own Coffee at Home

Most of us love to pick up a coffee on our way to work in the morning, but those purchases can add up quickly. Making coffee at home can help you save money, and you can still enjoy that same cup of joe without the extra cost.

12. Downgrade Your Phone Plan

If you’re paying for an expensive phone plan with extras you don’t use, it may be time to consider downgrading. Start by taking a closer look at your usage and see if you can get away with a plan with fewer features.

13. Look for Free Activities

Entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead of heading to the movies or the latest restaurant, look for free activities that you can do with friends or family. Parks, museums, and festivals often have free admission or discounted prices.

14. Utilize Cash-Back Credit Cards

When you use a credit card with a rewards program, you can earn cash back on your purchases. Before you make a purchase, take a moment to check if you can get any cash back for using your rewards card.

15. Stay Out of Debt

It’s important to stay out of debt when you’re looking to save money. If you do need to borrow money, investigate all of your options and make sure to find the most affordable option. It’s also important to pay off your debts quickly and efficiently.